1x Sony pdw-f75 HDSDI xdcam recorder / player + slo mo  (HDSDI in / out, dual layer)

1x Sony pdw-f75 HDSDI xdcam recorder / player + slo mo  (HDSDI in / out, dual layer)
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Price is for 1 unit, hours will vary but will be low for a disc recorder / player) averae between 1000 - 3000 hours.


auction is for 1x Sony pdw-f75 HDSDI xdcam recorder / player + slo mo  (HDSDI in / out, dual layer)

Price is for 1 unit

Can record / play with sinlge layer or dual layer xdcam discs.

approx 145-266 minutes of recording on 1 disc depending on quality selected 

Can be used to playback in slo mo also

  • Inputs: HD-SDI, composite,  SD SDI, AES/EBU audio, analogue audio, timecode, reference
  • Outputs: HD-SDI, Y/Pb/Pr, SD-SDI, RGB, SD analogue composite, AES/EBU audio, analog audio, timecode, XGA/VGA, audio monitor (L/R)
  • i.LINK interface supports


From Sony

The PDW-F75 is designed to place XDCAM HD at the heart of any existing infrastructure - it can as easily be connected to a composite analogue world as a digital file-based workflow.

At the touch of a button, the PDW-F75 can up or downconvert any input/output signal in real-time with complete transparency. It is as easy to plug in an entry-level DV camcorder as a top-of-the-range HDCAM VTR.

The PDW-F75 features a comprehensive array of interfaces as standard.

Using either the built-in LCD screen or a monitor, you have full access to all the benefits of the advanced XDCAM workflow with Scene Selection, Thumbnail operations and high-speed file-based editing.

Enhanced Productivity

No matter how you work, the PDW-F75 offers productivity improvements impossible with tape-based media:

  • As soon as you insert a Professional Disc, the PDW-F75 will display a thumbnail index of each recorded scene either on a monitor or the built-in LCD screen
  • Any scene can be accessed instantly with no time-wasted due to fastforwarding/rewinding
  • No need to worry about accidentally overwriting precious content
  • 'Essence Marks' can be reviewed and edited to identify critical scenes
  • Cut edit content on the deck itself - no need for a PC!
  • Import proxy files onto your PC at high speed for faster browsing and editing
  • Smart import only the full resolution content you require faster than real-time
  • Up to four and a half hours recording at 18Mb/s MPEG HD, with Dual Layer Professional Discs
  • Built-in high quality 16:9 colour screen
  • SDI and HD-SDI output with audio embedded
  • Digital Audio AES-EBU output

Compatibility with today and tomorrow's workflow

The PDW-F75 is built around support for existing standards such as DV/DVCAM and open standards like MXF so you've got the maximum flexibility to use it just the way you want.

  • Stay with DV/DVCAM format to work with existing non-linear editors
  • HD-SDI, SDI, i.Link, analogue video, analogue/digital audio interfaces for connectivity to a wide range of editing systems
  • i.Link File Access Mode (FAM) interface for high-speed, file-based connectivity to a PC
  • Optional network interface for sharing content on a standard IT-based network
  • i.LINK TS option for easy connectivity to HDV
  • MXF open standard ensures maximum compatibility with new generation NLEs
  • Long-term accessibility - storing content as files means you will always be able to access data in the future

Smarter, Faster Archiving

You don't need an expensive IT-storage system to revolutionise the way you store, retrieve and manage your archive material. While Professional Discs costs the same as tape, they're a true high-speed, non-linear media with a wealth of advanced meta-data automatically generated in camera.

  • Import metadata and/or low resolution proxies onto your PC hard drive for a smart, searchable mirror of your high resolution archive
  • Locate , watch and even edit proxy clips quickly using fast search of meta data, then instantly locate the archived high resolution content
  • Non-linear media means faster, more reliable access to valuable archive content
  • Professional Discs will retain information for 50 years in normal conditions
  • Because information is stored as data files, there's no worries about video standards not being around in years to come
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