Tascam CD-D4000MKII master CD duplicator with 8x speed

Tascam CD-D4000MKII master CD duplicator with 8x speed
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Tascam CD-D4000MKII master CD duplicator with 8x speed from internet belowa 2U CD duplicator capable ofreplicating complete audio CDs and most standard-format CD-ROMs at up tofour times real-time speed. Conceptually, however, the machine was verysimple with no external I/O or phones jack for checking audiorecordings. Now Tascam have introduced the MkIIversion, which has exactly the same layout, but can now copy at 1x, 2x,4x, 6x or 8x speeds -- for the same price as the original! As before,just two buttons and a small LCD window control the whole process --there's an Enter button, and a Mode button that cycles through the menuoptions to select the record speed, test mode and disk verify. DataCD-ROMs may be verified against the original to eliminate the risk oferrors, but as the data format of audio CDs makes this impossible, amini-jack headphone outlet is provided on both the master and slavedecks. Unlike stand-alone audio CD recorders, there's no need tofinalise a disc as everything is copied faithfully, complete with tableof contents. The CD-D4000 MkII works as flawlesslyas the original, duplicating audio CDs and CD-ROMs in record time.Software designers might breathe a sigh of relief to learn thatspecially protected 'master' CD ROMs can't be copied -- they just throwup an error message and leave you with another beer mat. Well, I had totry in the interest of being thorough!
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