Omneon 3 channel mediaport 5000 (MIP5001)

Omneon 3 channel mediaport 5000 (MIP5001)
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Omneon MIP5001 3 channel media port 5000 for SD videofull specdatasheet hereThe Omneon 5000 series Multichannel SD MediaPorts provide record and play of SD video and digital audio, compressing it for storage on the Omneon Spectrum Video Server and the Omneon MediaDeck using a variety of industry-standard compression formats. The MIP-5001 and MIP-5002 are supplied in their own enclosure and connect to the server by external cabling. TheMDM-5001 plugs directly into one of the two accessory slots of the MediaDeck, which supplies power, reference, and data via the backplane connector.These MediaPorts offer the features described below. Unless otherwise specifi ed, each feature applies to all models in the 5000 Series.• One (MIP-5001 and MDM-5001) or two (MIP-5002) SD-SDI video input/output channels, plus two (MIP-5001 and MDM-5001) or four (MIP-5002) SD-SDI video output channels, compliant with SMPTE 259M• Support for up to 16 channels of embedded audio, or up to 4 channels of discrete (AES/EBU) audio, per video channel• Modules are ‘hot swappable’ and can be replaced without disrupting other operations on the server• Video encoded using any of the following:DV-25, DVCPRO-25, or DVCPRO-50•MPEG-2 I-frame, 25-50 Mb/s• MPEG-2 Long GOP, 3-24.9 Mb/s•IMX 30, 40, or 50 Mb/s• • Frame rate of 25 or 29.97 fps (selectable)Audio is supplied to the MediaPort by either the rear panel AES/EBU BNC connectors for up to 2 pairs (4 channels) per videochannel, or by SDI embedded audio (16 audio channels per video channel). SDI embedded audio support in accordance with
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