Studio Decommissioning, Assett purchases and Data destruction / shredding services

Prompt studio clearance

Whether you're refurbishing or decommissioning your studio, N.I Broadcast have the experience of over 15 years,  skills and expertise to offer quick and easy studio clearance services throughout Northern Ireland, the UK and Europe.

From video equipment, sound equipment and recording gear to studio lights and furniture and OB vehicles, we can swiftly clear your studio for a competitive price.

Comprehensive clearances:

  • Studio clearances
  • Building decommissioning
  • Removal of old equipment, furniture, wiring and racking
  • Complete disposal of any unwanted materials
  • Bulk purchasing of usable goods
  • Studios returned to original state ready for return to landlord
  • We also work with our recycling companies direct for over 15 years so any data shredding of drives/ or old equipment needing recycling will all be recycled to WEEE standards and proof of data shredding / recycling can be supplied.

DATA Shredding / Destruction services

  • FULL data shredding and data protection destruction services availabel for al Hard drives, Tapes, Phones, computers etc with full certificates provided, onsite shredding available, 
  • All confirms to highest standards with miltitary and government clients  serviecs provided to etc.
  • Please ask for full details and will be guaranteed to be competiviely priced with full onsite shredding, CCTV and serial number number of all devices destroyed etc
  • Onsite serices and our on site services available to suit clients needs


Why choose N.I Broadcast?

  • Fair prices for your equipment
  • Items worthless to you can still make you quick cash
  • Asset valuation and management also available
  • Part-exchange available if required
  • Professional studio decommissioning and clearance

Accurate asset valuation

If you are looking to sell your outside broadcasting vehicle or broadcasting equipment, you can rely on N.I Broadcast for professional asset valuation. With over 10 years of experience in both the purchase and resale markets, we're ideally placed to accurately value your equipment.

We offer asset valuations for:

  • OB trucks and vans
  • Audio and sound equipment
  • Video equipment
  • Uplink SNG equipment
  • Studio decommissioning


You can trust the team at N.I Broadcast for an honest valuation of your equipment within the current marketplace - we don't over inflate prices, we just offer true market valuations.


For asset valuation in the UK or Europe, contact our team in Northern Ireland.


Contact our team

If you are looking to clear or decommission your studio, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team by

We work on projects throughout the UK and across Europe where required, providing prompt removal of audio equipment, recording gear, studio lights, OBvans and ore

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